The Club Camping Area at Vanfest is already fully reserved, and no more advance bookings are taken after 1st Aug. anyway, so it’s a case of FCFS at Malvern when the gates open 2pm on Friday 8th.
I’m intending to travel down the afternoon of Thursday 7th and get within striking distance of Malvern for an overnight stay. (This after a visit to Skye on 4/5th Sept. to meet up with the German tourers!)
Anyone with similar plans so we can travel in convoy?

i finish work on thursday night, so looks like ill travel down thru the night or leave very early friday morning

Hi Davey

Had a crap year for shows so far to much on,looks like i’ll be going to Vanfest I’ll give you a call nearer the time.


I’d be up for a cruise down on the Thursday.


Fergus and I are going down on Friday afternoon.

Hope to see some of you down there


theres too many going to this 1,do you know its over the border awayyyyy doon in england?? :smiley:

:o Ooh yeah Mark - Englandcestershire is kinda scary innit?!
We’ll have to make sure we dinny get lost near Stonehenge or anything eh…?
:zip :lol:

I’ll be heading down Friday.

If its over the Border can we bring back duty free refreshments?

Hmmph! Grumble!. I wish I was going too!

Have a good one everyone


Should know by the end of next week for defiante, but looks like i’ll be going. Anyone with a good van and towrope want to travel down with me? :wink:

ill be there with mr pettit

kampervan - 2006-08-30 6:52 PM
ill be there with mr pettit

Wee change of plan:
Now intend to leave Edinburgh 7am on Friday (Esso station near Hillend ski slope) to be at Abington services (M74) for 8. There we’ll hook up with Bus Stop Greg and the West Coast posse for cruise to Malvern.
Davey & Rob - you can join us now! :smiley:
Anyone else…? Ian & Laurie…??

im looking for a favor,needing a pair of carbon bumpers and running boards picked up at the show,they are new so not going to have dirty marks etc and might be wrapped up im not sure,
can anyone help me out? obviously ill dontate £20 to someones petrol fund for the trouble of safe delivery rather than possible damage from courier


I’ll be going down l8tr -Got a report to finish and my ride can’t leave till later.

mark - 2006-09-06 5:12 PM
…obviously ill dontate £20 to someones petrol fund for safe delivery…

Consider it done Mate! :smiley:
Which trader? Order number…? PM me…

Ok. So how was it?

it was great…

What a brilliant show, thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

Cruised home with Alex & Alan in their splitty and Russell and Cath from the West of Scotland club in thier splitty. Stopped off on Sunday Night on the way back in a great pub car park near Lancaster, then toured through the lakes on Monday.

Great company, great show, and the blue bus made its longest trip ever…

Bring on next year. :smiley:


Now where is that list of niggles with the bus… :lol:

being a vanfest virgin, i thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. company, weather, atmosphere and the scenic journey home were all top notch.
only problem i can remember was the ghastly white toyata hiace, the most vulgar looking vehicle i’ve seen. at least it wasnt a vw.

cheers to bustopgreg and the west coast panzers, jimbodelta and his squad, bob, davey, russell and cath, all for making it a very enjoyable weeikend. wish id had some stew now jim.

:smiley: bring on next year. :smiley: