Any of you guys heading down to Vanfest this year? I’m going. I’ve got the Friday and Monday booked off work and have my ticket of leave from the other boss.

crowd (well one or two) of us leaving Abington services at 9.00am prompt if anyone wants to join in
07702039441 for info
cheers Greg

One Busless person looking for a ride…Please. May have some stuff to be taking to sell too.



Hi Simon,

Has Red been sold then… :o


Please Please a ride back would be great…I am taking the Golf to Chester on Friday to its new owner…If anyone can assist in a trip back from Vanfest…hmmm maybe a tent to borrow also…

Much appreciatedness in advance Email me or call me on 07766662795


If you want a tent then pop around tonight and I can lend you one. Should have a sleeping mat as well.

5 manor place.