cant be A£%"D sending a message so just be nosey on here,

I thought you 2 guys were going to Vanfest Alex,Ni

Ha - I wish!
I’m still on a thing called ‘stand-by’ leave - this means I get things like a call at 0415 Sat. morn to get my erse over to Leith asap cos some cowboys in Methil haven’t lashed their rig barge properly and it’s broken loose from moorings. Job done by 1100, then catch 2 hours rest before sailing a coal ship from Leith, bringing another in straight after, with a pilot who doesn’t know port from starboard (or erse from elbow!)
Still - the call-out bonuses are good and I treated myself to a DAB radio :slight_smile:
Anyway, my Van’s not ready yet and I wouldn’t want to do Vanfest any other way… :frowning:

oh well theres always next year Alex, might make it myself, im working down south again so thats my excuse

Hate to admit it, but I went to Vanfest 1 (10 years ago) and I’ve been attempting to go every year since with no luck… :rs
Roll on VF11!!! (with a solid floorpan, 2.7 litre 6-pot Dr.P engine, …and maybe some brakes!) :lol:

Just to make you envious…It was even better then last year! A lot more German traders too.