Vinyl flooring

Maybe a long shot but I’m looking for vinyl flooring black and white chequered/checkered or how ever you spell it.
About 4mtrx2mtr


I rather get it myself. Not really anything special. I was just kinda hoping that someone excess.

somepeople are never happy :lol:

ps 4x2m spare!!! :think

yeahyeahyeahyeah I know:rolleyes: It is quite abit. But there are people that move house and take out the vinyl to put in their new huse and find out that either they don’t like it anynore or they have too much, soooooooo…

Like I said it’s a long shot :smiley:

I tried before to get some and its not easy!! I eventually got a spare bit but it wasn’t cheap or as big as 4x2m. good luck in your search… :beers:

I want to do the front of the van as well and maybe use a bit as headliner in the front…

Thanks, indeed it’s not easy…

The stuff I have is good on flat surfaces but it is not plyable for uneven surfaces and curves etc

Not many curves in a T25 tho :smiley: