VW Garage in Edinburgh

Hi, anyone know of a garage/mechanic in Edinburgh familiar with VW air-cooled engines? I have a 2003 Mexico Beetle 1600cc with some problems that I can’t fix myself.

I have no personal experience with them, but the 2 I can think of
Manderson street at bottom of Leith walk and one on roseburn terrace

I would recommend the Mexican and Brazilian beetle register on Facebook for advice too.

Donald Harvey is probably your best bet, plenty guys in the club have used him, myself included. The vehicle can be transported over and he can arrange this etc
Look up DTH hes in tillocoultry

Morning all - I’m looking for the same - a recommendation for a reliable garage in Edinburgh, not really wanting to go to Stirling or further if possible just for practicality of drop offs etc. I’ve got a '89 water cooled T25 Vanagon. Any suggestions really appreciated please!

Hi stevie,

I’ve used union motor company not far from the longstone bus garage on my T25 in the past and always found them really fair.


Brilliant thanks Mark. much appreciated.