vw k70 for sale

1972 vw k70 lhd 90000 kilometers imported in from italy.have import papers and duty paid receipts
reg in uk early 1990 solid body,only slight rust on back wheel arches,good engine ,carbs need cleaned.

can be viewed in east lothian. OFFERS

call 07747174381 or 01620843244

Got to be VW most embarrasing project
Just my view

I’ll resist casting aspertions here as it’s a quirky car for a V-Dub (well, NSU actually) and my Dad nearly bought one in 1972! :o
Anyway, for those of you too young to remember, or unsure as to what this animal is, I typed ‘K70’ into Google and came up with this brief histo and pics…

In 1969, VW bought NSU whose headquarters were in Neckarsulm, Germany, and merged them with Audi. NSU was predominantly known for its motorcycles and small rotary-engine powered cars. It’s RO80 was the first car designed for rotary power from the beginning, featuring a twin rotor Wankel 115hp engine. At the same time, it developed, but never actually produced the K70, a conventional water-cooled front-engined vehicle.
Facing a large investment in the K70, and a reputation for unreliability of the RO80 (later fixed by Wolfsburg engineers, but too late to save the model - production stopped in 1977 after only 37,204 RO 80), the company was ripe for takeover. VW won the race, competing mainly with FIAT, whom VW wanted to keep out of the German market.
Before production started in August 1970, VW decided it needed to modify the K70 before changing the NSU moniker on the front grill with its own, and ended up making significant, although mostly undetectable on the outside, changes to the car. The main problem for VW engineers was that VW already produced another car of the same size: the VW 411 (Type 42). In the release notes of the K70 (Type 48) VW stated that “type 48 and type 42 are of similar size. Both cars have similar front and rear suspensions as well as passenger-cells with effective protection by front and rear crush sections.” So VW engineers had to improve the K70 without impairing VW 411 sales.
To make the K70 competitive it had to get an improved 411-like rear suspension as well as improved crash safety and better brakes (The front disk brakes were mounted inside the engine bay - causing overheat problems). Some further improvements haven’t been ready when production of the K70 started in a production plant at Salzgitter (25 miles southwest of Wolfsburg): In 1971 VW made some interior changes like the replacement of the K70’s steering wheel and seats with those from the VW 411 as well as minor exterior changes like the use of Audi bumpers.

Frankly, it looks pretty cool to me.


Morris Marina parts are cheaper!

For all its faults, the K70 (imo) is a handsome car. I remember my Mum coveting them back in the 70s. I still covet the NSU RO80, though. :smiley:

go on someones got to want one

just not me :axe

K70 is cool, no question. Its just such an oddball… getting bits etc would be a real ballache.
Mind you, I know where there is a NOS genuine oil filter sitting on a shelf although I doubt the owner would part with it!

If it was an Ro80 on offer, it would have been gone the same day :slight_smile:

Shhhhhhh. My first car was a Morris 1500

ni - 2005-06-10 7:38 PM

For all its faults, the K70 (imo) is a handsome car. I remember my Mum coveting them back in the 70s. I still covet the NSU RO80, though. :smiley:

With you entirely on the RO80 thing - damn fine looking car! There were two at Mellerstain - one at the RO80 Club stall with full-size moving cutaway wankel engine - fascinating! The guy knew his stuff alright. Apparently the German Navy used these motors, powered by compressed air, to propel their torpedoes!
Still for all this talk, is anyone actually gonna check out the K70 the guy at the top of this thread is trying to sell?

I’m not brave enough, sorry to say.
How about Alan, he loves an automotive orphan…


I have thought about it . Worrying isn’t it.

We’ve ALL thought about it!!!
Only one of us is man enough to actually take it on though.
Eh, Alan…
Nudge, gwan gwan gwan gwan gwan gwan gwan gwan etc