VW Motoring magazine ends

VW Motoring magazine or VWM as it was known latterly has announced that the current issue is the last to be published. They cite the number of magazines in the market place specifically targetting air-cooled or watercooled vehicles as the reason and state that “VW Motoring has proved to have too diverse an editorial spread to suit the current market place”.

A bit of a shame, but I’d have to agree with that… :frowning:

It was an excellent read for all things V-dub back in the 70’s & 80’s, and even VolksWorld didn’t dent it’s appeal much in the 90’s, but there’s soooo much competition from specialised air & water cooled mags nowadays - and not forgetting t’internet!
I stopped subscribing mid 90’s as I felt there were just too many water-cooled features for my tastes, and wasn’t particularly enamoured (ie. pure jealous) if a family feature showed Dad, Mum and the ‘stay-at-home-with-cars-of their-own’ kids owned between them a spanking new Audi A6 Quattro, Corrado VR6 (show condition), Golf II GTi 16v (immaculate), GT Beetle (professionally restored, Stateside Tuning type 4 lump) and “…oh, and we’ve just acquired a Split Screen Samba so we can re-live our youth when Quentin (28) finally leaves home for his merchant bank experience in Buenos Aires…” :axe