VW Thieves on the loose

OUr beautiful original interior van is no longer original interior. Someone has broken in, stealing the passenger quarterlight and the table including fixings from inside. Please be warned that someone is obviously stealing to order.

Goes without saying that if you have a westy table offered to you (with fixings) please let me know.


the dirty bas****s. hope they get caught.

The nerve, never heard of such a thing jeez. All I can say are loads of swear words.

Hi Max we are in fife area, if you are local, we can put the word on the street. This kind of crime is above coke head level, so will leave contacts
Pm me with details,eg method of entry, anything that strikes you as odd about the van since the occurance, anything left behind, check the ground around and under the vehicle etc
Good luck, Jim :think

Similar thing happened a few years back when on a Chip Run with one of the clubs in Fife.

A club member came back from buying his chips to discover the GLASS had been removed from his rear tailgate?

Looks like when the value and difficulty of obtaining parts gets harder the criminal scum get bolder.

Hope the Big Yin pisses down Big Time on their uncaring world… dancinnanagif.gif dancinnanagif.gif dancinnanagif.gif dancinnanagif.gif