Wanted 1.6 tp engine

Wanted 1.6 tp engine . Or heads :beers:

have a low mileage 1600 tp - started to strip down one side as number one cylinder had a gap when adjusting tappets was told maybe a sticky cam follower.Was given a spare 1600 from a mate for my van so this has sat for a few months.Not sure if it is this and may be easy fix? Whole lot long block etc part stripped on one side available with heads alternator tinwear/ carb etc available for £150 as snowed under with work/ restoring ghia and not going to get round to it.Engine was running great before i tried to adjust the valve- had been in capaldis before and he had adjusted gap as much as possible and ran ok.

Thanks will have that lot . Can u pm me your details So we can arrange things cheers baz