Wanted: Standard Type1 Inlet Manifold

Morning All,

Does anyone have a Standard Type1 Inlet Manifold cluttering up the place?

I would need to be able to pick it up today(Sunday) if possible.


is it single port? i have a shed full.

It’s a dual port but I’ve got end castings so I only need the centre section as mine won’t allow me to install my bugpack manifold and the preheat pipes don’t line up.


i’ll have a rake around the shed saturday morning ,see if i have a twin port, got tons of single port stuff. if i have one i’m going to dunfermline saturday afternoon. could meet you.

Sounds great. Let me know after you search


had a rake around ,only found one twin port but need to keep it for an engine build…sorry

No worries. Thanks for looking

Ill have a look in attic im bound to have one!

I’ve got one off a Bay with a Type 1 engine; it has only one (twin-port) end casting. Let me know if it’s any good to you.

That sounds exactly what I’m after Graham. Let me know when i can come and get it. How much do you want for it?


Have PMed you. And contact me by phone; I don’t know how often I’ll be checking here over the next couple of days.