watercooled cars breaking

ive got a

r reg passat 1.8 20v
h reg golf gti 4 door
f reg golf gti 2 door
k reg mk3 golf 1.4 2 door
k reg 2.0 petrol t4 van

                                      breaking if anybody needs anything

just incase anybody needs any bits to keep there winter car going B)

hiya mate what colours are the mk2s?? by any chance are any of them stratos blue???

Big bumpers or small bumpers too ??

both white im afraid,only the early one has bumpers,small red striped ones

whats the chances of you coming across a stratos blue drivers side big bumper wing?? im looking for one to save booking the mk2 into the body shop but I think it must be quite a rare colour??

Got home safely Richy!

Thanks for your help.

People should check this guy out - he’s got a real Alladin’s Cave of VW goodies (the lucky b!)