weekend cruise in irealand

seen this post on the west site so thought id post it up


sounds a great weekend

anyone fancy the idea of it?

looks fab but would depend on cost i recon the ferry could be the killer :think

I thought about going to this last year and i ended up working, would be interested in going this year, im going to check out prices from a source i know and see if any deals are going, will get back with fares ASAP

Sounds like good fun but I doubt I’ll be going along

Lets see what the costs are like, piccy’s look great, decent weather at a show for once…

Bob :smiley:

Yeh - good looking show for a change! Must be the sight of warm, sunny weather and Bugs with hoods down!
But, once again, work won’t allow me the joys of cruising around Northern Ireland at that time of year… :frowning:

have found various prices with stena & p&o but no great deals. depending on whether its 1 or 2 days doesnt make a huge price difference.stranaer/belfast probably the best prices at between £110/£130 per car.

this is a discounted price i have sourced, any one interested can get in touch with me as we will be looking for a deposit (£ to be confirmed) by March blether