well lets just see!!!!

hi evryone
i have a question relating to me making a claim on my insurance.
Ok i run into the back of some one( an old fart who cut me up,looked like he was accelerating through some llights then pulls on the brakes crash bang bast***, fool) and he makes a cliam so instead of doing the work myself i let my trusted insurance do the work ,or at least pay for it Sam at pfp is on the case. so its anew front pannel, heat channels inside and my fuel gauge does not work any more so all this is to be fixed, fine . the only problem is that the front end will be finished in 2 pack paint so will look a bit wierd i think with the cellulose paint so the whole van has to be finished in the same paint ,
the insurance company has to pay for this work?

i’ve been told that they will only pay front end work as far as paint work , anything else would be them improving the van. balls ok the doors need some work, so i suggest a i’ll pay for new doors and the paint work for them and any body work that needs toched up but the cost of the paint work must fall with the insurance?
what are people thoughts on this?
has anyone got any experience with this kind of thing?

an engineer is coming out monday to tell me what he thinks and how much of the work the insurance company will cover.?so lets just see what he has to say.
all comments/opions please

ps the club insurance scheme rocks very good rates more pennys to spend on the van instaed of insurance.

the insurance company wont pay for any parts that are not damaged by the crash,there is no way they will pay for the paint for a respray.ie the paint for the bits that are not damaged.
id have thought the paintwork would be matched to the rest of the van

There’s no wya you’ll convince the insurance company to pay for a full respray! not a hope in hell. gotta agree with mark, i had another thought about the accident aswell as you rear ended someone but i’ll keep :zip

the only way your insurance would cover a full respray in the event of an accident and claim is if the repaired area could not be match to the rest of the van. ie if your van was painted in a
" one off " colour.

what you got to say about the accident man, ally. the guy bloody well cuts me up then hauls on the brakes ,simple as that so maybe you should keep it :zip .cheers.i’ll take on board the other comments you and the other guys have made cheers, so i hope the paint can be matched , but sam does not do cellulose paint,thats why it won’t match the existing paint work thats the point i’m trying to make. :rs any way vw piggy bank looks like its in for a raid.

I am trying to say absolutely nothing, just messing with ya. But I’ll keep :zip just for good measure

well of course you were all right in saying i didn’t have a hope in hell but you don’t ask you don’t get right .he said it would be possible to paint the front end in cellulose i wanted. but after some thought i want a nice finish. any way i’ve arranged for sam to get the van near the end of august and hes ging to do the whole job. nice .new doors.full front panel a full body work and paint job. the guy from the insurance is a wide fecker too . he was trying to say that he’d investigate the fuel gauge which stopped working at the time of the accident, investigate but it stopped working at the time of the accident cause i remeber filling up will fuel just before.what a prat, he was trying to say it was a Coincidence .my arse .
i still think the old twat that cut me up should pay one awy or another.lol