west of scotland vw club

ive been trying to get on the westys forum for the last to days and cant seem to get on is any one else having a problem getting on :think

Yes, web site is down for me (on Tues eve too). Was working at the weekend.
Time for the master reset switch me thinks.

i can get on to home page but not forum. as colin said was working at w/k

site working again dancinnanagif.gif wednesday 27th january 2010:rolleyes:

yeah was up yesterday afternoon and evenning .Some sort of overload at server, hopefully will be back up today at some point

was up last night, i was on it around 6pm. down again now though.

its friday 950pm and its no workin mad.gif

bugtastic - 28/1/2010 9:53 PM

fridat 950pm and its no workin mad.gif

christ on a bike, can you predict anything else from the future?

aye whats sat lotto numbers gonna be??

does it make sence now