What a scam

I phoned Adrian Flux today to correct a few things on the policy they have just sent me. The main thing was protected no claims discount. When I asked to protect it I was told that it would cost £60. I was shocked to say the least then the girl proceeded to tell me that even with protected no claims, if you had an accident that was your fault the premium would still go up. I asked what the point of protecting it was then. She didn’t have an answer to that.

Insurance is a scam.

Anne Marie’s car was hit three times over a year. Each accident was 100% the fault of the other party. When our renewal came in it had gone up £80. I called and was told that she was classified as unlucky, hence the rise.

Good drivers paying for the incompetence of Neds!!!


slobbo - 27/4/2009 4:53 PM
Insurance is a scam.

Hey it’s the 00’s (or noughties as some people call them) - EVERYTHING compulsory you have to pay for these days is a scam… :rolleyes:

Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, Council Tax, Fuel Duty, Stamp Duty, VAT, APR, Overdraft Interest, Penalty Fees, Lawyers Fees, etc. etc… axe.gif

(Not the notion of paying for them, but the sheer rip-off amount for what you get in return!)

Is it not the case when the renewal cert comes through that the number of “years of no claim” would be remain good. I’m up to 6 years no claims so I thought it worth the £35. I can use the no claim to get insured by someone else?? heehaw.gif

Yes but they will also ask you if you have had any claims in the last x years. So they will still sting you at the new insurance company. If you don’t disclose it they won’t pay out. They hold all the cards I am afraid.

Fact is, your paying from the day your born. It’s the multi billionaires that run everything and pay for nothing. It works on a sliding scale, the poorer you get the more you pay, welcome to the world :rs