What happened to VW?

Back in my formative tinkering years, 9 or 10 years ago, I could go to my local VW main dealer with my parts book or a part number and sometimes they’d have it in stock. If they didn’t they’d have it in for me usually the next working day. Nothing was too much trouble. Going by my dealings with their Gorgie dealership, I had assumed nothing had changed.

Today, however, I went to my local VW parts dept, armed with my parts book, only to be told that the stuff I wanted was “no longer available”. I mean, come on… my Bus isn’t even quite 33 years old yet. Surely they should keep manufacturing parts until the end of time? Alas no.

Which means I’m stuck with (more often than not) no 1st and 2nd gears for the sake of a front shift rod, a guide sleeve and a muff coupling (ooer, missus :P).

Anyone got any ideas who stocks such things in an aftermarket/reproduced/NOS stylee?

I know it looks like I’m talking to myself but there’s been progress since I posted. :rasp

VW Heritage Parts don’t have them and, although VAG won’t admit to them being discontinued, they can’t find a supplier for the parts, although they assure me they’re actively looking. I thought my investigations would have ended there but they put me in touch with Megabug in Londoncestershire who do good used stuff. Megabug rock. The guy knew exactly what I wanted from my brief description and even pointed out that there are two different versions (which I knew) just so that I didn’t order the wrong thing. It’ll be in the post first thing tomorrow.

Yay!!! :smiley:

Just Kampers are really good with all things bus related, I had hassle getting a clutch flexi hose for a T25 recently that was deemed NLA from VW themselves but JK had genuine ones on the shelf. I mentioned to the guys at JK that VW couldn’t supply them any more, to which they responded “Thanks for bring that to our notice, we will look into getting these parts manufactured”. Pretty impressive stuff.