wheel alignment

I think i need my tracking checked on my bug, will any garage do this for me or can anyone recomend one


Rob Bunch used some place in Sighthill which is the best. Most places are not interested. I did mine by eye and I used a spirit level to set the camber, all a bit trial and error based but it does seem to go round corners better these days.

cheers Keith, ill ask Robert where he got his done

Ask Kenny but I’m sure KwikFit would be happy to look at it. When I was down in Devon ATS would do that kind of stuff for me for free. I miss that ATS. :mellow:

I used,

C.L.C.M Wheel Alignment
11 Bankhead Drive
Sighthill Ind Est
Mid Lothian
EH11 4EJ
Tel: 0131 458 5559

Good guy did a great job.


Rob :smiley:

Got to agree. CLCM in Sighthill is about the only place I would take a Beetle. They did mine a while back and what a difference.

I took my van there last year and again a splendid job.

thanks guys