wheel bolts

hi, anyone got any spare wheel bolts lying in there garage, has to be flat face and at least 40 mm thread?? i have bought alloy wheels and would like to check the bolt is ok before i buy 16 of them, also having a little difficulty sourcing them just now from all the usual suppliers


midland wheels advertise in volksworld do longer bolts for alloys like empi ect and are about £1.50 each?

Without wishing to be rude, I could not advise buying wheel bolts from Midland Wheel Supplies. I bought 12 some time ago for the same reason and was sent 10 the right size and 2 completely different things, of the 10 I could use I have stretched or sheared ay least 3 of them since and I generally use a torque wrench to tighten wheel bolts, especially on alloys.

The chrome has also fallen off most of them, not that this matters much when they’re in the bin…

ive just had a look at the streat style and power book and they sell wheel bolts or nuts in various lenghs and sizes they seem to be between £1.50 and £2.00 each they also had what looked like good thatchem approved locking bolts for £23.50 a set well worth it when you considder how much a tyre is never mind alloy wheels.

thanks for info, sorry i never responded sooner iv been away