wheel polishers

looking to get alloys polished anyone any ideas

yes i know a man

DIY,ive got a mop and polish

lol shows yi how much u know lol :rasp

i dont think mr sheen works that well


wee place up in cleland shit hole to look at but £20 wheel the dogs butts ? i can take you there as forgot number…


Heard he’s verrry good!

I dont really believe that this club has been going for so long, and we dont have a list of who can do a wheel polish, engine build, spray job etc!!!

dude believe also getting out and about you’ll find by asking people you’ll get the info you want, but i can tell you how there are not that many aircooled people in scotland you’ll hear the names:
laurie petitte engines ( and hes only just othis side of the border)
sam @ pfp coach works body and paint newtongrange
john forbes mechanical and service edinburgh
greg @ bus stop ecosse west near glasgow

i’m sure there maybe others but these seem to be the names i’ve come across most.

there is a place near kinross that does wheels i’m looking in to it and will let you know what i find out also a sand blaster on the road to knockhill in fife .

peace mark

thanks for info

check the useful links thread at the top of general discussion page and add to it as you find people

mkid - 2006-09-29 6:47 PM
…also a sand blaster on the road to knockhill in fife…

This is news to me, and it’s kinda my back yard! Any more info / contact no?

As for being a well established Club, sure - we do try and point our members in the right direction trades-wise. But to have a comprehensively updated list of current recommended traders would take an individual a lot of their time to keep track of. There are many more relevant businesses that have come and gone in the time the Club’s been going than there are current traders! Also, not everyone’s experience of a trader is the same as the person who recommended them.
So, as Club Members, part of the deal of being involved is to help each other out with info on traders, rather than expect someone on the committee to do all this work. That’s why the sticky thread, always at the top of the ‘General Discussion’ area is a “useful links” thread. Anyone here can help keep it up to date. Thanks for reminding me…! :wink:

seamonsta - 2006-09-29 10:46 PM

[QUOTE]mkid - 2006-09-29 6:47 PM
…also a sand blaster on the road to knockhill in fife…

This is news to me, and it’s kinda my back yard! Any more info / contact no?

hi man yeah all i know so far is there is a trailer works shop that do sand blasting.come of the motorway at kelty heading for knockhill at the sort of “y” junction (right takes you to knockhill) you go left and along that road is an old naval yard hich is now work units one of them doing sand blasting. this is unconfirmed.

still going to find out about the wheel polishers too.

a good little auto paint shop sells all things car , even mild steel sheets .thornton, mitchel homes industrial estate.

theres a split bus parked on the drive of cottage on the way out of thornton too. looks alright