wheres a good place to start looking

wheres a good place to start looking for a vw camper van then near nottingham or all over the UK? would going to some shows or mets be a good idea to see if anyone is selling one or what about ebay but i not a big fan of ebay tho?
cheers for everyone help and btw would buying a vw camper van be cheaper in scotland or england
cheers josh

Let’s be realistic - there are sometimes some great V-Dub bargains to be had in Scotland, but more people up here end up buying from down south or abroad to get what they want. Are you really gonna travel over 300 miles every time you want to view a van? Then, should you find something in your price range up here, how are you gonna pay for transport (which would probably be more than the cost of the vehicle) ??
I know a local guy with three total rust buckets in his garden (pics below). They could all be yours for £100! BUT, It would take a team of hefty guys all day just to clear a path and push them out of the weeds and onto your triple car carrier. Three vans - £100. Sundry labour and transport - £600? Storage of three vans in Notts - bloody big driveway or £50 per week? Restoration of best van of three - £5000?
Definitely try going to a VW Show first this summer! It’s where most of us start. Try:
‘Beetlemania’ at Herts County Showground, 10-12th June
‘VW Action’ at Uttoxeter Racecourse, 17-19th June
‘Bug Jam’ at Santa Pod, 22-24th July (that’ll blow your mind!)
Keep searchin’… :wink:

Sometimes its just best to look in local papers or Autotrader you can if your really lucky get that well cared for elderly gent bargain. VW shows and magazines are not usually the place to get bargains as folks know how much they are worth and often try and successfully inflate prices thinking that their beloved bus is the best available. It is often better to go and look at several vehicles before buying so that you can see what you want and in this respect shows are ideal.
As a general rule VW’s that have spent most of their life in Scotland are rusty wrecks as the salt and constant wet and then dry weather causes endless corrosion. This is a general rule of thumb there are good ones to be found but you will probably have to travel to get the right bus