Which Timing Gun...

I don’t really know the difference in timing gun with and without advance, doing a search for timing gun on amazon I get:

Draper 52616 Xenon Timing Light - £24.99
Ignition Timing Strobe Light Lamp 12V Xenon Timing Light with Inductive Pick Up - £17.78
Gunson 77008 Timing Light With Advance Feature - £52.25

I don’t feel the need for fancy, rather, whatever is required to get my bay running happily :slight_smile:

Can anyone provide a recommendation or?


I had a Gunson one with advance before, and it worked great, although its broken now. You dont really need the advance feature for setting the timing, but its handy for checking how much advance your distributor gives at maximum advance and your pulley does not have the degrees shown on it (ie like a stock one). If your not bothered about that, then the draper one should work just fine.