Who knows their stuff?


Just brought my 73 Westfalia back to life with a 1700cc that started life in a Porsche 914, then came to me via a type 25.

I’ve managed to piece together most of the tinware needed, and now looking for garage services local-ish with the best aircooled knowledge for servicing and picking out what I’m still missing - van was a poorly treated project before I bought it.

Any suggestions?


Hi, All depends where you live, where would that be ?

I think his username might be a clue:

If thats the case, then never heard of the place. My ignorance extends to not knowing where Noordoostpolder is either heehaw.gifAfraid Geography was always my glowing green rock :rolleyes:

Never heard of the place myself but there are a lot of places in Scotland that start with Inver and lets be a complete nerd I believe that Inver means mouth of the river.

Noordoostpolder, nice where did you find that?

I’m in Edinburgh if that helps…

The Dutch Bloke - 19/2/2010 9:48 PM

Noordoostpolder, nice where did you find that?

Random name choice off a map, but i gather Noord being North and Oost being east, making it Northeastpolder. As I live in the north east of scotland I used this to be uber nerdy heehaw.gif
Inveranan lives in Edinburgh, How random, Standard heehaw.gif

what info do you require could pop round at some point and give some help as to whats missing