any tips as far as getting some one with the know how on installing windows .I basically have just finished my van and would like to get the windows , all of which need to be instaled, i got new rubbers and all the scrapers felts and clips .any contacts would be great. cheers

my mate had his put in by a mobile fitter think he had four done if i remember correctly it was around the £60 mark, will get the number and post it.


sorry for the delay in response. here is the number for the guy my mate used to fit his windows in his camper.
hope this helps.


get a piece of goog cord put seal on window put cord in track on seal and overlap last few inches get window inplace and pull sting from inside car towards centre of window . on toughened glass you can hit window with hand to get a good seating but not on laminate

cheers for the help ,
i’ve opted for getting help, lucky i’ve met just the man to help me, cause i tried putting in the windows and have to say with new rubbers its not easy ,no no no its not . broke one side window, lucky i have spare windows from my spare but still . so i called in my man who works for a well know window company, but we only managed a couple of windows , heres ny fist sin biult up the aperatures of the windows too much by 3 or so mm’s and the windsreen second sin was not saving the old rubbers, which i am told would have been fine , even a little cracking could be fix and look good and of course they already have the shape of the windows and the tail end of this sin is that i bought all new rubbers ,
this should be avoided at all cost trust me.
dont use fairy liquid best with a non foaming window cleaning spray. knowledge is power