Windscreen Washer

Hello Lovelies…

Me again, Gah… So is the windscreen washer a MOT fail? When pressurised it just chucks water out continuously. The wiper knob, with the wee push button is there but the button’s depressed all the time. Other than trying to cheer it up (boom boom) do I need a new knob/push button? Or is there a simple fix?

Not sure it makes a difference but it’s for ‘dave’ the 67 bug…


D x

Hi try this first pull the rubber on the switch to the side and spray WD 40 in behind the push button .press it 6 or 7 times to get the
WD 40 into the switch and see if this works. Years of dust and grime can make it jam.

    If it dose not work then it could mean a new switch . if you need info about changing the switch then just pm me

          as for the MOT yes it would fail its got to work correctly

                                        cheers russell

Now is the time for an upgrade ! Fit an electric one. Kenny came up with a very clever solution to use geniune switch too I’ll have a look and post it

Thanks guys, Russell I’ll have a wee poke about at the weekend - I love WD40!! Jigs, will my wee 6v take it?!

Hi any luck with the windscreen washer hope the wv40 helped

Ha! I blew the pipe - it was looking quite perished. Waiting on a new one coming - then I’ll try it again. Got a MOT booked for Thu, so need it fixed… Eek…

It’ll be fine ! 6volt should take the wee mod I haven’t found it yet tho !