Winter Hack

First VW Ive had since I sold the T25 camper in April…

Winter car to save salt on the Harley, But shes been seeing some bird called Eva behind my back…! biggrin.gif

bloody tart

:think Forgive my ignorance, whatmodel VW is that. We don’t have anything like it here… well, there is a passat wagon but it does not look quite like that.

Nice ride!!!

Hi Klingon, its a VW Golf 1.9tdi estate , or to you, a VW Rabbit Station Wagon, 10 years old, 178000 miles, still runs well,50 mpg, drove from Cupar to Southampton and back yesterday to collect sons “new” Karmann Ghia, 960 mile round trip, never missed a beat! biggrin.gif

Thanks for the info, the US never imported the golf/rabbit station wagon. Just the hatch back, gti, and cabrio. In the 80’s there was a quatro wagon (ugly as sin) and now there is the passat wagon. Also we do not have the lupo or polo and the pheaton is no longer here… the government said that the lupo was to small. This doesn’t make sence because you can buy a bmw cooper or a smart car which are much smaller. Go figure???

Kairt - 6/12/2008 9:12 PM
…car to save salt on the Harley, but she’s been seeing some bird called Eva behind my back…! biggrin.gif

Christ - bloody tart that Eva alright! w00t.gif

I knew she could handle a bit of rough, but by me - not another one with Hoggish tendencies!! :lol:

Nice Golf Estate diesel tho! Gotta ask how much you parted with…?
If you ever need a collection of diesel pump bits back - I can help… heehaw.gif

klingon - 16/12/2008 4:33 AM
…we do not have the lupo or polo and the pheaton is no longer here…

No Polo in USA? Booo! Great wee car! :lol:
Lupo is discontinued here in Europe too - it’s now the Brazilian built Fox as VW’s latest baby saloon. No competition for the BMW Mini tho.
Can’t believe the Phaeton’s not on sale - it’s a total Merc beater over here! Maybe Americans just don’t associate that level of power and luxury with VW…?

Yeh! the green machine got a brand new MOT today! a years cheap driving to come! heehaw.gif biggrin.gif

Cool coincidence there Kairt ! :beers:
The wife’s Polo Saloon passed MOT today too! dancinnanagif.gif
Mind you, with only 14,700 miles on it, it bloody well better have done!!! heehaw.gif
(MoT man still advised new front brake flexi hoses though… mad.gif )

Low miles, aye, but rubber ages and perishes whether its sitting or driving, peace of mind for some hoses and an overdue fluid change aint too much ££$$ biggrin.gif

Oh they’ll be getting changed for new ones and a fluid replacement alright! :rolleyes:
Just as soon as the bits arrive and it’s not freezing or wet on the driveway that is… :thumb:

bump, to let Critters see wheels…