Wobbly steering

My bugs’ steering is driving me nuts. There’s a lot of play when stationary and while going over bumps or potholes the steering wheel wobbles for ages!
Im thinking its the track rod ends. Is that gonna sort it?

Cheers in advance. :rs

I would check the steering damper as this is the usual cause of this problem Also the steering box can be adjusted to get rid of excess play

How do i access the damper? Ive heard i might have to remove the petrol tank?

yes remove petrol tank its right there under neath it

Anyone tell me how the steering damper works on the split camper steering box? Which one is it out of the 3 I think that are on the box? Got a little play in my steering when sat still been that way since I got it and would like to minimize it as much as possible.

Hi The steering box and steering damper are independent units. The damper liiks like a shock absorber connected to the track rod

are ok my one is new and designed for my beam, so what are the adjusters on the box called and for?