wobbly wheels

Yesterday as I drove back from West Calder. Someone passing me was kind enough to make me aware of the wobbly wheels I have!! :o
Both my rear wheels are “wobbling”. Don’t know how long that has been going on. As I checked the wheels I noticed that they don’t have any weights on them as they would if they would have been balanced (is that how you call it?). Which is like a normal thing to do when you ask a garage to put the tyres on the wheels and then onto your van. But apparently they weren’t.

Or could it be that the wheels are not straight (and no I don’t meen I have gay wheels :smiley: )

They “wobble” about an inch.

Help please!!!

You need to check if it’s the wheels or the tyres that are out of shape: Jack up the van one wheel at a times and spin the wheel by hand while looking at the tyre end on. If the tyre is wobbling back and forth then concentrate your gaze onto the edge of the metal wheel rim itself to see if it’s wobbling along at the same time or if it’s running true.
I would very much doubt that the wheels not being balanced would make a noticble difference on the rear of you van and certainly not to anyone following you!
Also worth checking for any free play in the rear hub bearings and that the wheel bolts are all tight!

If you are using non-VW wheels on the rear of your T25 they will be rocking on the two small bolts which hold the brake drum on. Simply remove the two small bolts and then your wheels will fit properly. Don’t worry about running without the two small bolts. They only hold the drum in place when the wheels are off. When you’re driving the wheel studs & nuts do all the work of holding the drum securly in place.

Nope they’re not standard wheels. It’s the Weller wheels I bought from Jigs, so I’ll check out the 2 bolts.
Damn Jigs you could have told me!!! Bad costumer service!! :lol:

dude never had any problems with them, mind you they were only on my van for a few months, id go with it being the tyres myself. keep us informed tho

I’ll have a check this afternoon. I’ll let you know.
I don’t notice it when I drive so it can’t be that bad can it… :huh: :o

are the tyres Commercial rating, if not the weight of the van can turn them egg shaped, happened to me with some really cheap tyres put ona Type 25 by previous owner, they were so egg shaped that a surface of the tyre where the tip of the egg was if you like had scuffed to baldness
185 R14 C on std wheels and nothing else. michelin agilis are the best last forever

it was the 2 bolts. I had 2 dents in the wheels were they’ve been.
Taken them of and it’s considerably less. I think the last bit might be in the tyres as they’ve been wobbling all about.

I’ve got 205 tyres at the rear. they don’t look egg shaped.