world domination

by tesco what will they be selling next

Tesco must have Mandelson (or some other government devil figure) on their board, I don’t know how the monopolies commision have not stopped them.

No surprises in a world where Virgin might fly you into space for a cheaper sum than years of NASA training or building your own rocket… :rolleyes:

“Site is currently undergoing maintenance and has been taken over by Tesco Cars, continuing the business model. Carsite has received press, in light of this, stating that it is a good place for women to buy a car free from such discrimination. Keeley Knowles, a journalist for the Beds on Sunday newspaper wrote an article about the female friendly nature of Carsite…”


I’d have got away with it too, if not for Pinkie


That’s nothing… I met my Wife through the “Tesco Dating Agency”

…ended up with a “Bag For Life”.