Yes another Vanfest thread

Well all, it was a shame that lots of us could not make it. :frowning: Maybe if we concentrate now on organising things for next year we could really get a real whack of Lothians vans down at the Three Countiesā€¦(I might even scrape up the pennies/cents to come back for the journey).

This year was much better organised than last year and it appeared that they finally have got the traffic issues resolved. I donā€™t think I saw more than 5 vans waiting at the gate at a time! The sites were all marked out and things were a lot more orderly. There were nearly twice the number of traders and the entertainment was excellent with there being another HUUUGE marque as well as the hall that that is used. The ablution facilites were kept really clean and I canā€™t remember not going in there and not seeing an official doing some sort of cleaning.

I also have to take my hat off to several people for making my last big VW weekend in the UK one to remember.[ol][li]Thomas Schultz (the crazy German who drove at 110 in his chipped Ka down the M6 from Chester to get me there). Thereā€™s a complete story there but Iā€™ll save that for later.[]Rob Campbell (AKA Slobbo), Tony Polli and Alan Barry (from the Kingdom club ) for putting up with me in the awning and eating your delicious mealsā€¦Tony how much to we need to convince you you could win cooking in a camper with one hand tied behind your back. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated.[]Geoff and Marion for carting Rob and I back in the back of the Organwagen. Once again putting up with me giving the wrong directions and making them pull over and every second service to have a pit stop :smiley: .[/ol][/li]
Cheers and hope to see you all soon. Keep an eye out for pictures later on.