you tube clips

looks like what i do when on wet surface

the first clip is cool , i love seeing the beetles being driven hard. good thread tamara

get in!

Mind if I add mine?

My type 3

Jojo’s bug re-spray

Jojo’s bug after the re-spray

Me on telly with Jojo’s bug

My VW action trip

Berwick camping weekend

West of Scotland club cruise

West of Scotland club speedboat ride

And Gayles vinyl killer

Hope you like,

And Gayles vinyl killer

cool clip man :smiley:

Basturt :smiley:

Dutch tv add about the dangers of fireworks as shown on Dutch national tv.

Have a hankie ready;

Poor iccle bug… :huh: :mellow:

:smiley: :lol:
bloody hippies

West of Scotland club cruise

Woohoo Big Red in action

Not You Tube, but Metacafe’s alright too… B)

(if anyone finds the air-cooled flat four done like that - post it up!!)

…and now, the famous…!

Here is one of my in car clips from vw action this year…

Cool video Colin